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Chidaman IT Solutions and Services Company (CTC) is a for-profit organization founded in 2023 in Herat Province. Committed to playing by the rules while staying true to our vision, we believe in the transformative power of technology and strive every day to make a difference in Afghanistan’s tech landscape.

Our Vision

We want to lead technology in Afghanistan, making things better and helping different areas and groups to grow, work better, and feel empowered.

Our Mission

Our strong passion drives Afghanistan’s technology forward. With a sharp vision and unwavering values, we use expert knowledge and modern innovation to create progress.

Our Commitment

Leading digital change

We promise to make old paper systems modern and easy to use. This helps businesses and groups do better in the digital world.

Making technology great

Our goal is to bring in and promote new and amazing technologies. These technologies will help us do things better, produce innovative ideas, and change how things are done.

Boosting our country

We are dedicated to helping Afghanistan’s economy. We do this by making money and creating jobs. We also want Afghanistan to rely less on other countries for technology help.

Helping IT enthusiasts to learn

We really want to help IT enthusiasts by teaching them important skills. By doing this, we make them better at using technology and contributing to our country’s progress.

Making things easier

Our focus is on making things simpler and more efficient. By streamlining complex administrative processes, we make organizations more efficient, so they can focus on their main goals

Guided by

Strong Values

Doing the right thing

Our actions are based on important Islamic, ethical, and national principles. This guides how we work, making sure we are always honest and respectful.

Following the rules

We follow Afghanistan’s laws and rules to make sure everything we do is legal and responsible.

Taking responsibility

We take our promises seriously. This means we work hard to always do magnificent work and earn the trust of our clients, partners, and everyone we work with.

Putting you first

We care about making you happy. Our goal is to do more than you expect, supplying smart solutions that make a lasting impact and building strong relationships.

Being experts

We are really good at what we do. With unique skills, we approach each project carefully, making sure the results are of the highest quality.

Being trustworthy

Our company is built on trust. By being honest and dependable, we create relationships that last and work well.

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